Corporate Aviation Facilities

Aircraft search and selection, in consultation with clients, through a long-established network of the world’s most respected and knowledgeable aviation professionals. Strong relationships with major manufacturers of corporate aircraft and ongoing research in the pre-owned aircraft market result in cost-efficient and cost-effective solutions to client needs.

The company’s active involvement in brokering and trading aircraft on behalf of Corporate Aviation’s clientele provides an accurate and up to the  minute perspective on the world aviation market.

As a result of our extensive background in corporate fleet operations, Corporate Aviation’s detailed analytical methodology add value to the client relationship. As well as bringing a broad technical knowledge base to the business of interpreting aircraft ownership and operational history, current status and future cost exposure to determine relative value, we assess aircraft from an operator’s perspective.  This expertise benefits Corporate Aviation clients by identifying such critical issues as trained flight and maintenance crew pools, manufacturer parts availability support, heavy engine and airframe maintenance facilities access and service quality, and key airframe-specific reliability concerns.

Our operational background includes Lear, Hawker, Falcon, Challenger, and Gulfstream aircraft of most types. We have represented or acted as principal counterparty with clients throughout the world, dealing with governmental organizations, multinationals, domestic public and private corporations, and individuals for almost twenty years.